Wondering why there is no growth.

Wondering why there is no growth.

Look guys:

Here’s the cold hard truth…

…your beard is going to reach its maximum length at some point.

Unfortunately for a lot of you reading, you might already be at this point – where your beard just gave up and decided to stop growing…

…but it doesn’t have to be this way.

While we won’t dive down the deep and bizarre world of beard extensions…yes that’s a thing…and no, that isn’t what we are going to recommend for you…

In this guide we are going to give you a rundown on a few reasons why your beard stopped growing,...

Lets talk about balms

Lets talk about balms

You see why not ditch the oil and go straight for the beard balm?

Well, you can…in some instances.

If you make the plunge to get your very own beard balm you MUST make sure that it has conditioners.

Many men may think that beard wax is the same as a beard balm.  However, these two products serve completely different cases.

If you want to enter into the annual World Beard and Moustache Championship, these guys are using beard wax heavily to form their beard into unique shapes.

Beard balm, however, does contain beeswax, but it also contains other key...



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When you slop on some beard oil, your beard will start to become a bit more maintained and less tangled.

Therefore, if your beard is feeling a bit scraggly or straw-like, regular application of beard oil will help in making it feel much better.

This regular use of beard oil will also help with the reduction of split-ends occurring.  If you are taking your beard-growing seriously, the reduction of split-ends will be good news as you won’t have to trim your beard nearly as often.

In addition to the feel of...

The Basics of Beard Oil

The Basics of Beard Oil

Beard oil is one of the most essential products that any bearded dude can own.  Given its awesome blend of  high quality carrier and essential oils, beard oil can make your beard go from looking just “meh” to unbelievably.

From beard itch to the beard flake, and the general texture of how your beard feels, the benefits are far and wide.  We will go into each one specifically in just a moment.

But before we do, it’s important to understand the composition of beard oil and what exactly these ingredients do when applied to your beard. 

Any high-quality beard oil...

The Beginning

The Beginning

High Uinta Beard co. is a small family owned and operated small business. After months of perfecting our recipes we are proud to have launched!