Lets talk about balms

You see why not ditch the oil and go straight for the beard balm?

Well, you can…in some instances.

If you make the plunge to get your very own beard balm you MUST make sure that it has conditioners.

Many men may think that beard wax is the same as a beard balm.  However, these two products serve completely different cases.

If you want to enter into the annual World Beard and Moustache Championship, these guys are using beard wax heavily to form their beard into unique shapes.

Beard balm, however, does contain beeswax, but it also contains other key ingredients like carrier and essential oils (as does beard oil), along with the extra moisturizing agent shea or cocoa butter.

Therefore, you just need to be mindful of looking at the ingredients on the beard balm to make sure your beard isn’t losing out on any of the essential nutrients that it needs along with preventing beardruff.


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