The Beginning

High Uinta Beard co. is a family owned and operated small business and is a sister company to Nani's naturals. Nani's Naturals is where everything got started close to 8 years ago! The mother of the family has always been one to choose natural over synthetic when the choice was available. As she became and empty nester and started to dig through some old family recipes from her great grandma she came across a old recipe for "lady bird salve" and she decided to give it a try! From there she fell in love with making her own salves and started using essential oils and infusing herbs into not just salves but face creams, lip balms, sun protection products and many more hand crafted items! Fast forward to the last 6 months when the idea click with one of her son's to jump into the beard oil market. Over the last 6 months we have been trying new recipes, blends, bottles, labels and more, working to release a very high end beard oil and aftershave at a cost point that would make it affordable. After months of hard work and dedication we are proud to release a complete line of 6 different scents of beard oils and aftershaves to help you create the healthiest softest skin and hair possible! After growing in the local and face to face market for a couple months came the launch of our, High Uinta Beard co. Facebook and Instagram pages.

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